Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Use the Quarantine for Quran time. So, when you hear next time about Quarantine, take it as the Quran time. The whole world is going towards a lock down. Many of us have long since postponed the Quran learning due to some pretext or the other. All other aspects of life have grown and flourished except for the relationship with the Quran. We learned so many languages, implemented processes, cooked complex recipes, but the only task that was untouched or unfinished is the learning of the Quran. All our excuses that dominated our minds & life are busted.

  • We said we are busy, and we don’t have time to learn the Quran, someday when you find the time, you will study the Quran in depth. So, Allah now made time for us. He removed all the tasks and cleaned the desk for you. So, It’s not Quarantine, but Quran time. You are home with all the family members. It’s not Quarantine, but Quran time not just for you but for the whole family. Teach your children all that you had wished in your life.
  • You wished for deep contemplation and live connection with the Quran, but the hectic life, chaos, noise & distractions kept you on the run & distracted. You were wondering if ever I will be able to achieve my dream? Allah had made special arrangements and gave you the dedicated Quran time – Not Quarantine.
  • For the rest of the world, people in Quarantine are under severe stress and depression; for you, it will be the best time of life because of its Quran time and you are in the company of the blessed Book. Its recitation, understanding, and interaction bring peace and solace to your troubled heart and mind.
  • Many of us made plans and schedules to learn the Quran, but few of us were able to implement it. Now is the time to take out those schedules and put them in practice.
  • Finally, let’s convert the Quarantine time to Quran time.

Understand Quran Academy have a complete solution to your Quran Time – We developed a set of basic courses to understand the Quran. This set will teach you the 90% Quranic vocabulary and grammar with a simple approach. Even without any Arabic background knowledge, you will be able to learn through these courses. After completion inshallah, you can read the whole Quran with understanding. Consider this as a lifetime opportunity to come closer to the Quran. Join the online Quran course with your whole family and connect to Allah’s kalam. There will surely be a definite improvement in relationships, upbringing, and the children’s tarbiyah. (

For children, we have a complete solution from how to read the Quran basics to advance level with a personalized teacher as per kids’ available schedule. After this level, the children can start our simple and easy way to understand Quran courses. Apply for a free trial HERE.

Ramadan Preparation

Allah is most beneficent, He provided us with the opportunity to learn and understand the Quran before the start of Ramadan. Inshallah, this Ramadan will never be the same as before; it will be rich with the Quranic interactions and deep contemplation. Our prayers will be effective and of high quality.

I welcome all to join us with their families,, and enroll in the Quran courses. Let’s effectively convert the Quarantine time to Quran Time.

Apply for a free 1 to 1 personalized online trial HERE.

May Allah help us utilize this time to get closer to Him and His book, aameen.

JazakAllahu Khiar

Mohsin Siddiqui

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