Quran Translations

Even though there are many translations of the meanings of the Qur’an, they do not help the reader in linking the Arabic words to their meanings. The only purpose of this word-for-word translation is to facilitate learning the language of the Qur’an. Even though a few word-for-word translations exist  but the format of the present work is different from them. Below you will find the reasons why:

  • The meaning of each word is given right below it;
  • The translation provided in the left column is kept close to the Arabic and not literal.  The objective of the whole exercise is to enable the reader understand directly from Arabic;
  • In the box provided at the bottom of each page, meanings of those words are provided which may appear difficult to understand or which has other familiar or useful forms.  In essence the box is there to help the reader equip the new Arabic word easily and establish its link with those words with which he is familiar.  A small number is placed in the English cell (i.e., the small boxes containing English translations of each Arabic word) of those words for which explanation is provided at the bottom;
  • Last, but not the least, the layout is such that it can also be used for regular recitation enabling constant revision.

Below are some translations of the Quran:

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