An introduction to new blog series

Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters,

There is no doubt that the Quran is the final book which Allah has revealed to the last prophet Muhammad ﷺ to guide whole mankind. Although, Quran is the resource of all goods of both worlds, still major of Muslim Ummah is away from the teachings of the Quran.

Looking to this, we are starting a new series of blog to highlight the importance of the Quran and to point out the reasons to read the Quran.

Here is the list of reasons of reading Quran which will be covered in this series:

  1. Quran has all the great features which never seen in any other book.
  2. Quran is the book of success.
  3. Those who followed Quran and acted upon it, they became successful.
  4. Quran helps to develop success attributes.
  5. Quran is a unique book, the most widely read, studied, and memorized book.
  6. Quran is an authentic and uncorrupted book.
  7. Quran is from Allah and has extensive coverage of different topics.
  8. Nobody could produce a book like Quran.
  9. It is the only book addressed by God Himself. No other book claims to be so!
  10. It is addressed to the whole mankind without any bias because of their color, race, language, or region.
  11. Quran invites people to think, and not believe in things blindly!
  12. Quran is the ultimate book to get peace, spirituality, and tranquility in this life.
  13. Quran is the best book to fight depression and mental problems.
  14. Quran is a complete and perfect book covering different aspects of human life.
  15. Quran gives amazing models of the best of humans who walked on this earth.
  16. Quran gives clear and convincing answers to ultimate questions, like: Why am I here? Where will I go after I die? etc.
  17. Quran has a number of miracles, scientific, statistical, historical, etc.
  18. Quran’s predictions came true! Therefore, its predictions about our future after death will also come true! We can’t ignore this book!
  19. Quran shows the best way to ask God.
  20. Quran is the best book to know about God.
  21. Quran is the best book to guard against weakness and evils

And last and the most shocking fact is, it is brought by a prophet who could not read nor write. It is impossible for such a person to write such a great book! It can only be from God.

Therefore, we should read the Qur’an. It is for us, for our own peace, happiness, and success in this world and in the hereafter!

InshaAllah, in this blog series, we will talk about above features in more details.


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