Allah says in the Holy Quran “O you who have believed, protect yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is people and stones, over which are [appointed] angels, harsh and severe; they do not disobey Allah in what He commands them but do what they are commanded.” [Al-Tahrim: 6]

The Prophet Muhammed ﷺ said:  “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it”. (Bukhari 5027) 

It becomes a religious duty of every parent to provide a structured, consistent, and effective Islamic Education to their children. Every parent’s dream is to see their children on the path of Islam with a deep connection to the Quran & Sunnah. The pace of life increased with increased digitization and globalization. The families paid a heavy price by getting disconnected from each other, which weakened the essential flow of Tarbiyah and values from parents to children. The statistics reveal that the family members live by a minimalistic vocabulary with bland communication with each other. Many families live under one roof but is not driven by one vision. Each member lives in his world.

To break this damaging routine, such families should adopt Quran learning as their daily family activity. One such family program conducted at the Quran Campus, Hyderabad for 15 days, we witnessed amazing statements by the families. One father said, I never knew that my son could say Azaan in such a beautiful manner. Another child said, never in my life, I saw my father cry while making Dua in a Masjid. A girl was impressed by her mother’s intellect, saying, I thought my mother was slow in learning, but she is pretty sharp. The family did the projects and assignments as a team and discovered each other’s talents! Our kids should see & learn how we take and implement Allah’s commands.

When was the last time we learned Islam as a family? Very few families follow this routine and those who do get results. The result will be not only the Quran learning, but also the family will learn to work closely with each other and improve love and bonding. Such a family will live under one roof with a closely-knit vision that binds them together.

Learning online / Offline with a teacher helps the family set aside time dedicated to Quran learning. Daily learning sessions form habits, and it becomes family time. If parents can teach, it is even better, but they can always hire an online/offline teacher in cases where they cannot teach.

Learning the holy Quran with family has the following benefits:

  1. Learning with the family: Parents who want to protect their children and success in this world and hereafter, implement a dedicated family Islamic education program.
  2. Resource collection: A small Islamic library (printed + Digital) with essential Islamic titles. Most homes need this family resource.
  3. Time and Schedule discipline: Every family member is busy. We should plan to keep our family together in this world and together in Jannah. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
  4. Better utilization of time: Time is one of the essential gifts from Allah! Our kids spend most of the daytime in school after their schoolwork @ home, so very little time is left. Some families use the available time watching TV serials, cartoons, and so on, thus wasting the golden opportunity to connect with the family members.
  5. Daily family gathering: Daily family gatherings are a great blessing to unwind and release all the day’s stress and tension. As they learn the Quran together, they can discuss daily happenings under the light of the Quran & Hadith.
  6. Meaningful interaction and communication: Most families wake up late to discover that their kids have a different line of thought than theirs. Such a situation is alarming, tense, and toxic, with many angry outbursts between parents and kids. To avoid this unpleasant family situation, the golden routine of Quran learning with family is the solution. The Quran will teach them how to communicate respectfully with their parents and vice-versa.
  7. Creating high-value individuals by igniting ambitions and family projects.
  8. Protection against the media onslaught & fake propaganda: The negative media influence on kids can be overwhelming. If it is not managed appropriately, it results in adverse behavioral changes. The Quran strengthens the mind against these attacks, and the family learns how to respond to fake news appropriately.

Note: To help the kids and families in connecting to the Quran, Understand Quran Academy designed special family programs for learning the Quran. Visit so you can know more about it and make your family happy in this world and in the Hereafter too.

By Mohsin Siddiqui

About the Author

Mohsin Siddiqui works in Understand Al-Quran Academy as Director of Academic Research. He has more than 20+ years of experience in teaching and research. He can be reached at

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