Assalmualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkatuhu

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There are approx. 6236 verses in the Quran. Out of which only about 500 verses are related to “Ahkaam” i.e orders of what is allowed and what is prohibited. And the remaining, the majority of verses, about 5700, are the ones that prepare the mind and soften the heart. These are the ones that actually help to build the Iman.

How does Allah give guidance? He does so by showing signs to mankind within the Anfus (inner dimensions like spirits, souls, minds, hearts etc.) and Aafaq (the outer dimensions like heavens, earth, mountains, seas, ships, etc.). As Allah said in the Qur’an: We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. (Quran: 41:53)

Like this, He does so by sharing the stories and examples of pious people and how they will be rewarded in Paradise. And also, by sharing the stories of sinners and their eventual torture in Hell.

So vast majority of verses in the Quran contain examples of these two parallel tracks (Good Vs Bad) and the signs of the outer and inner dimensions. Allah repeats these verses in his impeccable style which is truly unique and very special. It is not possible to get the same amount of “spiritual voltage” found in the Quran from anywhere else. That is why when we understand Quran, it will take us to another world, which cannot be described. It is true that one may not get that exact effect in the beginning by just learning a little Arabic. But he or she will already start getting a feel of the spiritual lightning from within. And this is the actual thing that we need to learn and also teach our children.

Our major challenge in following the commandments of Allah is the motivation.

A famous Urdu poet, Ghalib, said: I know the blessings of being obedient and devout, but there is no mood (to do so).

We know that Salah (prayer) is mandatory, but we do not get up. Regarding the development of mood to become obedient and devout, Allama Iqbal (another famous Urdu poet) said:

Grant me the passion of the past great people (Salaf), and let me be of those who never grieve (in the hereafter); I have solved the riddles of reason (I have understood that Islam is the truth) But now, O Lord! Give me the passion (to follow it)

We need passion inside us. And we will get this passion when we understand Quran.

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