Assalamu alaykum dear brothers and sisters,

We are excited to share with you a selection of the best-tested resources, charts, and tools to download, print and use each day of Ramadhan: The top ten most practical Ramadhan resources for 2014.


We strongly recommend you take the advised actions for each and every resource to benefit in the most comprehensive way in seeking the love of Allah ‘azza wa jall just before and especially during Ramadhan.

How to use this list

After a short description of the resource, the name of the file is given and the number of the file in the folder so you can easily look them up, download, and print them.


You will find all the resources here: https://understandquran.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/SP_ramadhanfiles.zip

1. Pre-printed dua list
Action: Print in a4  and use daily in Ramadhan. Keep the list close to your musallah so you can easily reach it when you are tired.
Name file: dua list (doc)(2nd file in the folder)
Tip: add the appropriate names of Allah yourself and start the dua’s with them!

2. The Muslim diary charts

Charts with the most recommended acts of worship to do in a day so you can tick them off and not miss one!
Action: Print in a4 (or a3) and hang on the wall to use daily in Ramadhan.
Name file:  The muslim diary daily chart a4 (pdf) (11th file).
Or the muslim diary daily chart a3 (pdf) (10th file).
Download the whole diary to get motivated to do every single act on the chart: The muslim diary (pdf) (9th file).

3. Revive a Sunnah series chart
Action: Print in a4 and hang on the wall to tick off during Ramadhan.
Name: revive a sunnah (pdf) (7th file).
Reference to the whole series: revive a sunnah series (pdf) (8th file).
Tip: make post its or stickers with the different sunan and stick them on the relevant areas in your house to make sure you implement them each day in Ramadhan to gain the immense rewards of following and revive the most forgotten sunnah’s!

4. Juz content sheets.
A unique and extremely beneficial overview of all the themes in the Quran, in groups of ayaat per juz. Total of 30 pages, 1 page a juz. Excellent resource to read through before going to the taraweeh prayer!
Action: Print the 30 pages, put them in a folder and go through one each day of Ramadhan (juz 1-day 1, juz 2-day 2 etc)
Name: complete surah contents (pdf) (1st file).

5. “How to Live by the Names of Allah” series
Unique and renowned series on how to live by the names of Allah. The linguistic meaning of the beautiful names of Allah enriched with ultra-practical tips on how you can apply these names in your daily life. Absolute recommendation. You can start at the end of the series or go back to the start (page 15)  starting from the name Allah.
Action: Pick one name a day in Ramadhan and focus on how to live by that name.
Go to: https://understandquran.com/99-names-of-allah-asma-ul-husna

6. Names of Allah calendar.
Printable overview of a selection of 42 names of Allah in Arabic, their meaning and a beautiful dua in English which demonstrates how you can live by that beautiful name.
Action: Print and keep close to your dua list in Ramadhan.
Name: Names Allah (pdf) (4th file).
Note: part two of the names of Allah calendar will be released soon, check www.understandquran.com/99-names-of-allah-asma-ul-husna.

7. Ramadhan battle plan
Super-practical workbook to use all through Ramadhan.
Action: print or read through it before Ramadhan to see how to best use it during Ramadhan.
Fill in your email at: http://ramadanbattleplan.com/ultimate-ramadan-planner and the whole workbook will be send to you.

8. Love of Allah (swt): Experience the beauty of salah
A life-changing series on how to taste the sweetness of prayer. Instant change in your salah!
Action: Read one chapter each day of Ramadhan (optional) to improve your prayer instantly.
Name: Quranprojectlove (pdf) (5th file).

9. Ramadhan guide 2014: Seeking the love of Allah (swt)
Comprehensive mini-guide with a daily chart, an overview with Ramadhan dua’s to use, supplications from the Quran, and much more. Must have.
Action: Print to keep with you during Ramadhan.
Name: Quranproject ramadhan guide (6th file)

10. Example of a personal Ramadhan day schedule
Edit it to suit your daily life, print and use it.
Name: example daily schedule (doc) (3rd file).

Super-special for children: 30 day activity plan.
a) Complete 30-day plan with Ramadan learning activities for children for each day of Ramadhan— amazing!
Go to: http://tj-ramadan.tripod.com/ramadanl.earning.htm
b) Names of Allah worksheets.
Learn how to write the names of Allah while you discuss their meaning with the children. Download at: http://www.rahmahmuslimhomeschool.co.uk/index/free-arabic-worksheets-the-99-names-of-allah-9-worksheets1/
www.rahmahmuslimhomeschool.co.uk for more resources.

Recommended lectures to watch during Ramadhan

1. Ramadhan lectures by Ahmad Musa Jibril, one lecture for each day of Ramadhan.
2. Gems from one juz a day by Nouman Ali Khan.

3. Daily Qur’anic supplication by Wisam Sharieff.


So here’s your action list in short . . .

To print before Ramadhan:
Pre-printed dua list, the muslim diary chart, revive a sunnah series chart, juz content sheets, names of Allah calendar, example of Ramadhan daily schedule, and Ramadhan Guide 2014.

To read during Ramadhan:

Names of Allah series and experience the beauty of salah

For those with children, it is highly recommended to use the 30 day activity plan.
We pray Allah ‘azza wa jall gives you the tawfeeq – ability— to use and benefit from each resource. Please share, so many others can benefit from this list.

Special thanks to the Understand Quran Academy team for developing the Juz content sheets, the names of Allah series, and the names of Allah printable calendar.

Finally, we request all those who benefit to make the following dua (on laylatul qadr) for the Understand Quran Academy team:
O Allah guide the Understand Quran Academy and give them the tawfeeq to benefit the ummah. Forgive their sins and shortcomings. Accept their deeds and enter them into Jannatul Firdaws without Reckoning. (Ameen.)

Ramadhan kareem!

Praying you will benefit,

Khawlah bint Yahya – United Kingdom.



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