Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Personal lessons from the Qur’an is a new, one of a kind E-book different from every other ‘Qur’anic Reflection ‘book you’ve ever READ.

  • Daily life action points based on Qur’anic ayaat in a way that’s never SEEN before.
  • Easy read at 66 pages – read in less than 10 minutes per chapter.
  • Practical implementation of the Qur’an. Made easy!

What kind of Personal Lessons should I expect?

Per Juz you’ll get simply written, clear, practical action points based on the meaning of the ayaat, from the beginning to the end of the Qur’an. Ready for anyone, whatever age or background, to apply in your daily life.

This book is about MORE than just reflection on the message of the Qur’an. What you get in this book is equally effective in all your relationships, and in all areas of life

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting:

Page 1. A motivational narrative on why it’s so important to take away something from each verse.

Page 1. Five life-changing pieces of advice on exactly how you can experience the Qur’an more deeply

Page 2. Introducing Qur’anic Reflections (Khawatir Quraniyyah); a powerful paragraph at the start of each chapter giving you the main themes of the Juz and examples of resolutions to make based on the message of that Juz.

Pages 3-65. Personal Lessons per Juz – simply written, clear, practical action points based of the meaning of ayaat from Juz 1. Ready for you to follow up easily in your daily life.

Page 66. A final advice and instructions for a practical Qur’an exercise guaranteed to generate more action points and ‘ayah missions’ for the rest of your life.

When you start using this book, here’s what will probably happen:

First, you will find yourself simply reading the action points collected for you in this book, having a lot of ‘O yes! ‘and ‘I wish I did this before! ‘moments and feeling much closer to the Qur’an you previously just enjoyed reciting and reading about.

The next thing that’ll probably happen is this:

You’ll truly ENJOY following up AND making your own action points based on Qur’anic ayaat!

Here’s What to Do Next 

As soon as you place your order, you’ll get an email with a link to download the book. You’ll get it in both PDF and Epub file – suitable to read on laptops, smart devices, Kindle etc!

You can access it anywhere, immediately, whenever you want without having to wait for the mailman. See for yourself how quickly it will transform your life and relationship with your most beloved Book and put an end to the frustration and guilt you’ve been feeling for not ‘living by’ the Qur’an.

Our hope is that you’ll love it, and truly become a better person.

Get your copy now: $4.99 – Buy now!

Note: it is possible the purchase receipt will be received in the Junk Mail folder (especially for Hotmail Users). 

Personal Lessons from the Qur’an – Daily Action Points based on Qur’anic Ayaat

The Noble Qur’an comprises thirty parts and each part, or Juz, consists of twenty pages. The thirty parts of the Qur’an contain a wealth of knowledge, advice, admonitions, and daily life inspiration. In Personal Lessons from the Qur’an, Daily Action Points based on Qur’anic Ayaat, the reader is inspired to transform the verses into daily life actions.

One learns how to actively seek guidance from the Qur’an, by deriving palatable, daily life action points from its ayaat and discover how the Book of Allah can transform one’s life.

Published as E-book, author Khawlah b.
Yahya, 66 pages, United Kingdom, 2019

JazakAllahu Khair


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