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Understand Qur’an Academy has always tried to make the learning of Qur’an easy and simple.

You might have seen word clouds in English but not in Arabic. For the first time, we have now developed beautiful Arabic word clouds for frequently occurring words in the Qur’an, different verb types and also Asma Ul Husna. The size of the word indicates the frequency in Qur’an. Meaning the bigger the size, the more times it has appeared in Qur’an.

The verbs have been classified as triliteral verbs (3 letters) and derived verbs (more than 3 letters). Further, they are again classified based on standard Arabic dictionary patterns i.e Fataha, Nasara, Dharaba, Samia etc.

You can download these interesting posters which can be used in your classrooms, Qur’an Labs, bedrooms and study rooms. The more you see these words, the more familiar you will become with them.

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