3 Common Flaws Ruining our Daily Salah!

Assalamualaikum Dear Brother & Sisters, Being a Muslim, offering Salah 5 times a day is a must for us. Alhamdulillah! we try our best to pray on time. But how good is our attention, concentration, and focus in Salah? Do we understand, feel, and ponder what we...

7 Duas for Studying

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, One of the best forms of worship is dua. Nothing brings one closer to Allah Azza wa Jall than talking directly with Him. He said in the Quran: ‏ ادْعُونِي أَسْتَجِبْ لَكُمْ Call upon Me; I will respond to you. [Qur’an, 40:60] The Prophet...

Love to Teach, Learn to Love

As Muslims it is our duty to pursue the learning process while breath still fills our lungs and our brains are capable of thought. As parents we are blessed to witness the miracle of learning and are responsible for fostering a love of learning in our children. As...
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