Guidelines for the Volunteers

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Understand Quran Academy welcomes the volunteers' contribution in various areas of their expertise. We believe that any work related to the Quran is the responsibility of every individual. We require the support of volunteers' expertise in academics, research, teaching, promotion, etc.

By inviting the volunteers, we would like to increase the outreach, develop a network with like-minded individuals, develop individuals and harness their expertise. Volunteers possess an energy that can create breakthrough opportunities. Volunteers can help organizations reach new audiences and communities by spreading the word about their work and programs.

Areas where you can help.

Understand Quran Academy has been working since 1998. Alhamdulillah! It began with a clear vision of educating and connecting the masses to the Quran by teaching them Quranic Arabic. The following areas where one can contribute:

  1. Research & Development
    1. Translation work – (Arabic, English, Urdu, and other regional and international languages), Proofreading, and editing.
    2. Creative Content Writing, blog writers, Children's stories
    3. Graphics, animation,
  2. Academics & Teaching
    1. Teach in schools or online.
    2. Create lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and presentations.
    3. Teacher evaluation (on-ground and online)
  3. Digital Promotion & Marketing:
    1. Promote UQA programs among your circles.
    2. Promote UQA shop on Amazon and Flipkart
    3. Social media marketing on FB, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, and others
    4. Introduce UQA in Schools, Colleges, NGOs, and other organizations.
  4. On-Ground promotion:
  5. IT and Software: Website development, mobile apps, WordPress website, LMS (moodle), etc.
  6. Community work: Set up UQA study centers and coordinate with Khateebs, community leaders, and other influential people.
  7. Misc.: Motivational lectures to teachers and students

Guidelines for volunteers

  • Understand your role: Ensure you understand what is expected of you before volunteering. Read any materials provided and ask questions if you're unsure about anything.
  • Be reliable: Follow through if you commit to certain hours or tasks. Organizations depend on volunteers and need to be able to count on you.
  • Be punctual: Arrive on time and be ready to work. If you're running late, let someone know as soon as possible.
  • Be respectful: Treat everyone you encounter with respect, including staff, other volunteers, and the people or communities you are serving.
  • Follow instructions: Follow any instructions or guidelines from staff or experienced, so feel free to ask for clarification if you have questions or concerns.
  • Be open-minded: Open to learning new things and working with people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Maintain confidentiality: Be mindful of any confidential information you may encounter while volunteering, and do not share it with others.
  • Be safe: Follow the organization's safety guidelines, and do not take unnecessary risks.
  • Be proactive: Take the initiative if you see something that needs to be done.
  • Have fun: Volunteering can be a rewarding experience. Enjoy yourself and take pride in your work to help others.
  • Voluntary work requires patience and perseverance; therefore, do not be angry or frustrated when things do not meet your expectations.


Become a Volunteer.

Onboarding: You will be assigned to a staff member for work coordination. Please fill up the following form:

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