In my recent courses such as the one held in Dubai where 550 people attended for almost 9 hours (2 days), or in two other groups exceeding 150 in my university and in Dammam, I have been using TPS-W very successfully. It has improved the learning of the audience by at least 30%. It is one of the well-researched modern methodologies for effective teaching and learning. Just google it to know more about it (after you read what it is).

You already know TPI (Total Physical Interaction) and its usefulness not only in learning different forms of a verb but also in explaining the meanings of verbal forms as you come across them while reciting the Qur’an.

For example: تُرْجَعُون (tur-ja-‘oon) can be shown with just one sign (right receiving hand, raised high with four fingers). Here a single TPI action shows five things:

  • Masculine (right hand)
  • Shown towards you (2nd person)
  • Four fingers (plural)
  • Raised high (Mudare’ مضارع or imperfect tense)
  • Receiving hand (passive voice)

While teaching, I ask everyone to show the verb using TPI. I can check the comprehension of the audience in just one second, just by looking at their TPI signs. I don’t have to listen to a sentence of 10 words describing the five things listed above from a person to know if he has understood it properly. It is almost impossible to get this feedback from everyone in the classroom. TPI therefore is an extremely effective feedback system too.

Let us now talk about the way we use TPS-W for Understand-the-Quran classes. TPS is Think-Pair-Share and W is for write. When you teach this course, or learn it in a group, this is extremely effective and interactive exercise.

  • Once the lesson is complete, give people 5 minutes to think and revise silently (THINK).
  • After that, let everyone turn to the one sitting on his/her right in the class (PAIR) and ask him/her the words of a verse (if it is a Surah) or the grammar forms (SHARE). Once he/she receives correct answers, the neighbors asks the same and he/she gives answers. This pairing and sharing can continue for around 5 minutes
  • After this exercise, let everyone take 5 minutes to write in the workbook (WRITE).

I am confident that TPS-W will help you a lot in conducting effective classes or group study programs. If you don’t have a teacher, then just watch the video together; pause for 15 minutes; do TPS-W and carry on.

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