Companions of the Quran

The Prophet (saw) said: Recite Quran. Indeed it will come on the Day of Judgment as an intercessor for its companions. [Muslim]

Who are these companions? The ones who understand, recite, implement, propagate, and act upon  the Quran.

On the Day of Judgment

Imagine the Day of Judgment, when, according to the Quran, a person will run away from his mother, father, children, wife, and friends because he’s so concerned about himself. There are millions of people on this ground of Hashref, and nobody wants to see you.

On that day Quran comes through that huge crowd, looking for you. He says, Come with me! I will do intercession on your behalf.

What a happy moment that will be! To make it happen, make the Quran your companion now.

(A motivational learning tip from our course “Understand Quran 50% of Words”—Lesson 12—

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