Whatever you learn, you forget. It’s how your mind works. Review is a must— but what’s the best way to review?

Learn a hundred things and in one hour you’ll forget almost 70% of those things. But if you review those things after an hour, you’ll get them back, and they’ll stay in your head for one day.

By the end of the next day you’ll forget again. If you review again, the information will remain in your head for as much as one week. By the end of that week you’ll remember for up to a month. If you review after one month you’ll remember for six months.

If you really want to learn something and keep it in your head, just review it:

1. one hour,

2. one day,

3. one week,

4. one month, and

5. six months after you first learn it!

(A motivational learning tip from our course “Understand Quran 50% of Words”—Lesson 9—  https://understandquran.com/courses/short-course-1.html)

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