1. A little bit of procrastination is good— they say it helps prepare the brain for study and even aids creativity! But when your mode of procrastination has  tendency to suck up all your study time before you know it, maybe you should use it as reward for when your short-term study goal has been reached.

2. Chronic lateness is an easy habit to get into. Breaking it is only hard at first— once you get into a schedule that works, it’s no harder to be early than it is to be late, because you still have the same number of tasks that need to be done. Being on time with assignments and study goals will help soothe your nerves. Being late can add anxiety that will cripple the learning process.

3. Fear of failure can keep you from trying, so be ready to fail! Professional athletes use the term “exercise to the point of failure” which means to keep pushing your body until you can’t push it anymore. Why? Because it’s pushing your abilities to the end of their endurance that makes them stronger!

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