Protect your study periods from interruptions any way you can. We can’t completely control our environments but there are some things we can do to avoid distracting ourselves. Here are some suggestions:

  • Try to figure out the length of time during which you can concentrate well. For some lucky students it’s hours, for others, five minutes is a long time to focus but they manage to do a lot of learning in such short spurts.
  • Keep your desk neat and uncluttered. Remove pictures and objects you might want to fidget with.
  • If your view isn’t too busy, you can sit by a window and look out when you’re thinking, but not if there’s anything out there that would take your mind off the Quran.
  • Try to pick a regular study time each day and then kindly and respectfully inform those living with you that you’re not to be interrupted during this time except for a very good reason.
  • If you’re in a noisy area, consider earplugs.
  • Close your email and social networks.
  • Shut off the sound on your mobile. You can check for messages later.
  • Study right after el-Fajr! This is a great time because usually you can study in silence, and your mind works best early in the morning.



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