understand-quran-recite-slowlyIt will be said to the person who memorized the Quran, ‘Read, ascend and recite with slow, rhythmic chanting just as you used to recite in the worldly life. For verily, your position in Paradise will be at the place of the last verse that you recite.’ [Abu Dawood & Tirmidhi]

Getting Our Priorities Straight

We spend fifteen or twenty years of our lives studying all kinds of subjects and looking for a good job. How long will we stay on that job? For another thirty or forty years, if we live long enough. After that we’ll go to the grave to enter the life of the hereafter.

 Increase your Grade in Jannah

According to the Hadith, the companion of the Quran will keep increasing his grade for every ayah that he will recite. So, there are at least 6000 grades in Jannah.

In that grade, he will not stay there just forty thousand, million, billion, trillion, or zillion years but forever; in the best health and in the best state of happiness and faculties.

 Invest in Eternity

Now is the time to invest. Don’t say that you’re busy!

May Allah place us among those who are the companions of the Quran, who recite, understand, ponder, implement, memorize, and propagate it.

The Great Intercesssor

Muhammad (pbuh) said that the Quran would come as an intercessor for its companions.

Just imagine that you are there on the Day of Judgment, when everyone will be worried about himself or herself. Picture infinite numbers of people on a vast plain.

At that time the Quran comes to you and says, Come along with me— I will take you to Allah (swt) and recommend you. Imagine your happiness! To receive that intercession let us make the Quran our companion, and let’s become the companions of the Quran.

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