How will you remember me? You’ll remember me with reference to this meeting right now, and not with reference to my office, home, masjid, etc.

We remember things within the contexts of where we first encountered them.

How will you remember new words? With reference to the first example (meeting) in which you understand that word. You may have read it before, but without understanding you’ll have a hard time remembering it. The meanings of new words are best remembered if first given as examples.

For example, we remember that the Arabic word “in” means “if” when we use the example “Insha Allah”( if Allah wills).

The best way to remember the meanings of new words is to remember them through examples. In this course, to make it easier for you to remember and practice, every example is taken from the salah that you recite every day.

(A motivational learning tip from our course “Understand Quran 50% of Words” —Lesson 5—

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