Dear Brothers and Sisters:

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Most of us know most commonly recited last 10 Surahs of the Qur’an. However, some of us find it difficult to remember the order of these Surahs.

InshaAllah, in today’s email you will learn to memorize these names in just 5 minutes.

Let us learn to memorize the names of last 10 Surahs of the Qur’an. In just 5 min InshaAllah.

Are you ready? Bismillah! (Note the names of Surahs in brackets)

Even after seeing the destruction of the people of elephant (Al-Feel)
Some among the Quraish, (Quraish)
esp. the stingy ones did not believe (Al-Ma’oon)

Stingy are those that do not share Ma’oon, i.e. even trivial things.
Now be ready for next 4 Surahs.

So, in the hereafter,
Kauthar will not be given (al-Kauthar)
to these Kafirs (Al-Kafiroon)

And in this dunya,
Help was not given (An-Nasr)
to these followers of Abu Lahab (Lahab)

Remember that Kauthar is the drink that will be offered by our beloved Prophet pbuh on the day of resurrection. Now the last 3 Surahs!

Success is only for those who
Believe in Allah sincerely (Ikhlaas)
And remember Him day and night (Al-Falaq: the daybreak)
And invite people towards Him (An-Naas: the People).

That’s it. Read the above 3, 4 times and you will memorize all of them, inshaAllah!

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May Allah reward you.

With kind regards,
Abdulazeez Abdulraheem

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