Charge your brain to the full!

Breath sends oxygen to the blood, which in turn sends it to the brain.

Do this especially when you recall or memorise something.

The right way to take a breath is to start from your stomach. Fill your stomach first, and then start filling your chest. Then release your chest and expel the air from your stomach by sucking in your stomach muscles.

When you watch new babies sleep you can see the belly moving in and out— this is the natural way to breathe. If we sit for long periods and only take shallow breaths, we are using only 30 to 40% of our lung capacity.

After you take a few deep breaths, focus! Focus your eyes on the Quran when you read, your ears on it when you hear. Quiet your body— don’t fidget and play around. Don’t use your brain for anything except the Quran. Then focus your heart on it and read and hear with feeling.

(A motivational learning tip from our course “Understand Quran 50% of Words”, Lesson 4—


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