Dear Brothers and Sisters,  Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

These days, along with other tasks, I am working on developing a workshop called : Al-Qur’an Familiarity Workshop – using Qur’anic Landmarks. In our future emails, I will give you the link to download the files (after they are ready).

When you settle in a new city, the first thing you do is to know the landmarks such as your office, stadium, park, downtown, and of course your new house. Al-Qur’an is a city of guidance which we visit with our eyes and brains. We need to know the landmarks of the Qur’an too.

Quranic Landmarks

In this newsletter, I would like to write a few tips from this to help us know the Quran better than before.

Al-Quran is printed in general in the following formats:

  • 13 lines per page
  • 15 lines per page
  • or 17 lines per page.

Most common of these is the one with 15 lines per page. In this print, every page ends with an Ayah. It is convenient for the Huffaz to memorize it and that’s why it is also called as “Hafizi Qur’an” by common people. Actually the right word for the copy of the Qur’an is Mushaf.

The font used in 15 lines Quran name is “Majidi” for indo-pak print and the other is called “Othmani” for the Arab world print. These two are our references and we will talk about these prints below. I strongly recommend you to follow one of these.

Total no of pages of 15 lines per page copy of the Quran is 611 for the Majidi print (604 for Othmani print). Total pages in each para/Juz is 20.

Distribution of the pages

Lets see the distribution of pages for the Majidi print:

  • Page 1: Title page (with just a design)
  • Page 2: Surah Al-Fatihah
  • Para 1 begins at 3 (That is interesting. Actually, para division is done later on for convenience so that people can complete the recitation in a month, esp. in Ramadan; 1st Para is called alif-laam-meem).
  • Para 2 begins at 23,
  • Para 3 begins at 43,
  • Para 4 begins at 63 and so on
  • Para 29 has 4 extra pages (due to more Surahs; and you know that a Surah begins with Bismillah and a line having its name etc; so 2 lines for each Surah in its beginning)
  • Para 30 has 5 extra pages. (due to more Surahs)

So the total number of pages in Majidi print is:

2+600+9 = 611 (604 for Othmani print).

How to locate the first page of a para/juz/part?

It’s very easy. To find the first page of Para 5, note that 4 paras are over. (Don’t forget to focus on the NUMBER OF paras that are completed, in this case: 4). 4 x 2 = 8;

Just attach 3 to its right, i.e 83 (that is the first page of Para 5).

To find the beginning page of Para 15, (14 paras are completed) 14 x 2 = 28, just attach 3 to it, i.e 283

Note: If you are using Othmani print, attach number 2 instead of three.

More later, inshaAllah.

With kind regards,
Abdulazeez Abdulraheem

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