Start Reading Now!           To be able to read Quran easily, you’ll need to expand your Arabic Vocabulary. The most painless and effective way of doing this is to try to keep reading from the Quran while you’re still learning new words.
Plant Words in Your Head          Reading helps plant words in your head, and seeing these words again and again will help keep them there. This will also help you to become more self-confident in your studies!

Try to guess the meanings of words before you look them up. Research has shown that you can prepare your mind for effective learning simply asking yourself what a new word means, trying guess it from the context, and then looking up the definition.

Great Books Make Great Readers           You have an advantage— you are learning from the best book ever written! This in itself will strengthen your intelligence in preparation for further studies.


May Allah (swt) richly bless your efforts to learn and spread the message of the Quran.


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