Alhamdulillah, it was a good year!

In 2013 Understand Quran’s Facebook page  “likes” hit over two and  half million, and fans engaged intently, commented meaningfully, read mindfully, and responded in record numbers!

We also launched Understand Quran 100% of Words, the final step in our revolutionary learning process and a course which like 50% and 75% is designed to help you learn the Quran as quickly and easily as possible, making knowing the Quran achievable for countless people who once thought such a goal impossible.

As a kind of “prequel” to our 50%, 75%, and 100% course series, our highly qualified team of experts also launched Read Quran for Beginners, offering a very welcome first stepping stone to those with no familiarity with the Arabic alphabet.

Our website got a fresh new look, and everybody seems to like it!

In response to countless requests for learning materials on DVD and on paper, we launched our Web Shop.

And our blog? Well, it just kept getting better, thanks to our team of bloggers who provided thoughtful, inspiring new articles on the Quran every two days. Here are the blogs that got the most hits:

10 Most Popular UQA BLOGS OF 2013

  1. 6 Habits To Make Your Life Easier
  2. 7 tips for an amazing wudoo!
  3. How Sura Ad-Duha Can Change Your life
  4. The Quranic Antidepressant, Part 2
  5. Let Children Be Children— With Emaan!
  6. Sunnah: The Beautiful Ways of the Prophet
  7. The Journey to Outstanding Muslim Parenthood
  8. How to Battle Difficulties with Patience and Perseverance (A Quranic Perspective)
  9. Surah Al-Falaq: Your Daily Productivity Guide
  10. The Mercy of the Gift of Tears

On the Horizon of 2014

What’s next? Only Allah (swt) knows for sure, but a number of new initiatives are in the works, including an Android app and an online tutoring service. Be sure to sign up to receive our latest updates, and on Facebook don’t forget to click both the “like” button and the “get notifications” button so you don’t miss a single post!



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