When you are learning a new language, one of the most popular tips for effectively understanding that language includes using a learning resource like a dictionary which helps you to get familiar with the new words. It is the same when you are just learning the Quran, or learning how to speak Arabic.

A Quranic dictionary is one of the most effective tools that will help you understand the Quran faster. So today, we will share 5 benefits of using a Quranic dictionary.

1. Learn words and their meanings

This is perhaps the most popular use of any dictionary. The dictionary exposes you to words in the language that you are trying to learn.

By using a Quranic dictionary, not only are you going to learn Arabic words, you are actually learning the words that Allah (SWT) has chosen Himself, and what these words mean. This brings your connection with the Quran to a deeper level such that when you are reciting the Holy Quran, you become familiar with the words.

2. Learn context, usage, and morphology

When using a Quranic dictionary, you get to learn words in their different forms. The dictionary will teach you how the context of an Arabic word can change a word’s meaning, spelling, or even pronunciation.

For example, the word زبد means ‘foam’, and it occurs this way in the Holy Quran. The word also occurs as الزبد which means ‘the foam’. This word has changed its form due to the presence of the word ‘ال’ which means ‘the’.

Using a dictionary will help you understand when words take on new spellings or meanings because of having other words attached to them.

3. Learn pronunciation

Referring to a Quranic dictionary is a good way to learn exactly how words in the Quran are pronounced. Every word that you look up in the dictionary will have an entry for how it is pronounced so that you can understand not just the meaning, but how to say it yourself.

This is great because it makes your reading of the Quran better, as you are already learning the right way to pronounce the words.

4. Improve vocabulary

People say that if you want to improve your vocabulary, you should look up more words in a dictionary. This is true even when you are learning the words in the Quran. The more you look up words, the more words you get to know.

By consistently using a dictionary, you will find that you are able to master all the words in the Holy Quran.

5. Form sentences

Part of the benefit of using a dictionary is to learn the sentence structure of a language. When you look up different words and their usage, you become familiar with these Arabic words and you begin to form sentences from the words that you have mastered.

It doesn’t even have to be sentences that occurred in the Quran. Your knowledge of wide vocabulary in the language will help you to pick words that you can use in real life conversations. And once you are able to form sentences, you are on your way to a better proficiency in the language.


There are several ways to learn a language, but when it comes to understanding the language of the Holy Quran, few methods are as effective as studying a Quranic dictionary that is devoted to the words of Allah (SWT).

Have a look at our resources for a collection of Quranic dictionaries here.

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