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Allah calls Himself Al-Majeed— The Glorious, The Most Honorable – on two occasions in the Quran. He’s the One Whose essence is pure and absolute perfect: His dazzling glory, dignity, nobility, honor and limitless compassion and generosity to us is without any fault or deficiency. All praise and glory is for Him only due to the perfection of His attributes and His deeds towards the creation!
The All-Glorious, the Majestic, and Most-Honourable

Majeed comes from the root meem-jeem-daal, which points out to the attribute of glory and honor (majd). Majd refers to a complete authority(sultan) and sovereignity (‘adhamah). This root includes the meanings of being glorious, dignified, majestic and exceedingly generous.

This root appears 4 times in the Quran as the adjective majeed (Glorious). One who is majeed is a very highly distinguished person, from honourable roots and often showing his favours to others. When applied to Allah (swt), it’s implied that He’s Al-Majeed – The All-Glorious and Honourable. He is vast in greatness, honor, respect, might and glory.

Al-Majeed Himself said: They said, “Are you amazed at the decree of Allah? May the mercy of Allah and His blessings be upon you, people of the house. Indeed, He is Praiseworthy and Honorable. [Quran, 11:73] and Honorable Owner of the Throne [Quran, 85:15].
Al-Majeed related to other Names

The Name Al-Majeed is related in meaning to the combination of three other Beautiful Names, Al-Jaleel (the Majestic), Al-Kareem (The Generous) and Al-Wahhaab (The Bestower). Al-Majeed is majestic and beautiful in both His qualities and actions, He treats His slaves most generously and gives them gifts beyond any expectations demonstration His Greatness which deserves all praise!

The glorious Quran
Allah ‘azza wajal says:
 Qaaf. By the Quran that is majeed” [Quran, 50:1]. The Quran has the greatest status over all books that were sent down, it contains all the goodness of this world and the Hereafter and therefore it is the most honourable, respect, complete and perfect Book!

How Can You Live by This Name?

1.            Follow His book. 
Know that you are a slave of One Who is Perfect so follow His Book, submit to His commands and stay away from His prohibitions. Learn to recite, understand and live by the Quran to increase yourself in dignity and honor!

2.            Praise Al-Majeed continuously.
Show Him you are grateful for His favors upon you and praise Him for His perfection. Abu Hamzah Albaghdady said:  It’s impossible for you to claim you love Allah and not praise him continuously, and it’s impossible that you praise Allah continuously and not see the sweetness of that in this life; and its impossible you see the sweetness of praising Allah and then be preoccupied with other than him. Not praising Al-Majeed continuously is even a sign of a hypocrite.
Allah ‘azza wajal said:  When the hypocrite stand up to worship they perform it languidly and to be seen of men, and they do not praise Allah but a little [Quran, 4:142]  There is no excuse for the dhikr (remembrance) of Al-Majeed: Remember Allah , standing, sitting and reclining [Quran, 4:103]!

3.            Treat others with respect.
Let the attribute of majd open your heart and treat others with forgiveness and patience. Speak kindly to others, smile to them and help other reconcile. Spend your blessings of wealth to help the less fornite and apart from your spending be humble and kind to them.

4.            Reflect on the creation of Al-Majeed.

The signs of Allah’s majd can be seen all around us, the whole universe and all it contains for our benefit is a demonstration of the vast Greatness and Generosity of Al-Majeed. When you go through difficulties and trials look around you and realize it is Al-Majeed Who just says Be and it is: … the handiwork of Allah Who has made everything thoroughly [Quran, 27:88] As He made everything around you and inside you, He can surely give you a way out of your problems!

5.            Memorize and live by this beautiful supplication.

When you start praying you say:  Subhanaka Allahumma wa bihamdika
wa tabarakasmuka wa ta’aalaa jadduka wa laa ilaaha ghairuka
, which means Glorified are You O Allah and with Your praise and blessed is Your Name and high is Your Majesty and there is no god other than You. The actual meaning of subhanaka is You are pure. You are free from any defect, deficiency or fault. Subhanaka Allahumma means also that whatever test of life that You have given me is perfectly alright. I don’t have any complaint against You. If we strengthen this feeling then we will have the strongest positive attitude!  [From Understand Quran 50% Course] This supplication combines glorifying and praising Al-Majeed and His Majesty beautifully!

 Wallahu ta’alaa ‘alem.

O Allah, Al-Majeed, we know that You are vast in Greatness, Might and Honour. Help us in reciting, understanding and acting upon Your glorious Book and make us of the dhaakireen, those who remember You continuously with a beautiful glory and praise. Make us respectful to others and in others eyes and inspire us to reflect upon Your signs, keep granting us honor through Islam and bestow upon us the honour of gazing upon Your Countenance in Paradise, ameen!

The Understand Quran Academy Team

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