“I get so angry over the littlest things . . . ”

Sound familiar? The last time you got angry, what did you do?

 Did you start shouting, or even swearing? This is actually mentioned as a sign of weak emaan by the scholars!

Getting angry happens, but turn it around and try to build this rewarding sunnah habit: seeking refuge in Allah.

So don’t only say ista’adhah (seeking refuge) when you start praying or when you read the Quran; use it as a weapon against your own temper!


The next time you get angry, before doing or saying anything else, say ‘a’oodhu billaahi minash-shaytaanir rajeem!
  • Stick a note on the wall with the ista’adhah on it to remind yourself throughout the day.
  • Teach the children by example (and all your family & friends)!
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