“Oh my God! No way!”

What do you say when you’re surprised or startled?

Some people even have the habit of saying “Jeez!” which is short for Jesus. It’s time to train your tongue to revive a highly rewarding sunnah multiple times a day by saying “subhanAllah” whenever you feel surprised or startled!

What does “subhanAllah” mean? It’s been translated as “glory be to Allah,” “glorified be Allah,” “Exalted is Allah,” and “praise be to Allah.”

“SubhanAlla”h is a powerful statement of dhikr (remembrance), in which the believer states how far Allah ‘azza wa jall is from every imperfection.

To say “subhanAllah” from the heart is to honor Allah and to affirm that He is free of all the unsuitable things ascribed to Him. When you say “subhanAllah” you acknowledge that He is perfect, above anything in the creation, and that everything that comes from Him is perfect.

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