How many times do you actually finish all that’s on your plate?

And do you know that if you wash your hands right after eating, you’re missing out on a beautiful sunnah?

The Prophet salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam would lick his fingers after eating and advised us to do the same. And not only that: he would also clean his plate, not wasting any food.

This is truly a sunnah that is forgotten; simply take a look at your own household at dinner time or when you’re eating out— plates full of food end up in the bin!

So next time you eat, revive the sunnah; lick your fingers and wash them afterwards. Clean your plate, and if you drop any food, don’t just throw it in the bin— clean it, say bismillah, and eat it. And don’t forget to teach the children, inshaa’Allah!


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