You probably already know about the great reward of the rawatib— the twelve sunnah rakaat to be prayed daily so that a beautiful dwelling will be built for you in Paradise.
But do you also know about the eight sunnah rakaat that will make you fire-proof, inshaAllah?

Shaykh Bin Baz explained that the rawatib which the prophet, peace be upon him, used to preserve are twelve rakaat for the resident, not the traveler.

Twelve rakaat; four before Dhohr prayer with two tasleems, and two after Dhohr prayer; this makes six. Two after Magrib prayer and two after Isha prayer; this makes ten. And two before the morning (Fajr) prayer; this makes twelve.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, used to practice these consistently while present at his residence and admonished us as follows:

Whoever preserves four rakaat before Dhohr and four after it, Allah will make him forbidden for the fire. [Abu Dawud (1269), At-Tirmithi (427), An-Nisa’ (1818), Ibn Majah (1160) , classified saheeh by Al-Albani]

If the person prays four after Dhohr, thus adding two rakaat, then this is better, but it is not rawatib. The rawatib is two rakaat. If he prays four after Dhohr prayer, then this has in it virtue and a tremendous amount of good.

  • So next time make a double intention to gain the reward for rawatib prayers and become fire-proof by praying four rakaat after Dhohr prayer.
  • Teach others this rewarding habit, inshaAllah!

Praying you will benefit,

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