You might know of the supplication to say before you enter the toilet, but do you actually say it each time you go, or do you often forget?

And do you know of the other sunan you can revive each time you use the bathroom?
For example:

1. Say the supplication for entering the toilet.

Action: really say it each time you go toilet, stick a note next to the door to remember and you can say it out loud so the children pick up this sunnah habit!

2. Say the supplication when you leave the toilet.

Action: some of us say the dua for entering, but often forget the supplication for exiting! Stick a note with ghufraanaka on the wall where you can see it when you exit the toilet to not forget inshaa’Allah.

3. Avoid talking to someone while you are in the toilet! 
One should not greet a person who is answering the call of nature, or return a greeting whilst one is answering the call of nature, out of respect to Allah by not mentioning His name in a dirty place.

[Translator’s note: the Islamic greeting is al-salaam ‘alaykum (peace be upon you); one of the names of Allah is as-Salaam (the Peace)].

 The majority of scholars say that it is makrooh (disliked) to speak in the restroom unnecessarily. []

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