Assalamu Alaikum dear brothers and sisters,

How will your life be different on the 1st of September 2012?

Ramadan will be over, and you’ll start getting back into your normal daily routine.

But, what if between now and then your soul underwent a complete transformation – one that lasted for the rest of your life?

What if, by the 1st of September 2012, you could pick up the Quran on any page, read it and be able to understand 100% of words of Quran you read?

What if you could do it for FREE?

Is that even possible?

Yes. In fact it’s simple. There is an extremely valuable resource on our website that we’ve given you FREE access to, called 80% Words.

If you learn 10 words per day from that list, by the 1st of September, you’ll know 80% of the Quran’s vocabulary AND with a simple strategy I’ll give you on the 1st of September, you can jump from knowing 80% of the Quran to 100% of what you read everyday.

BUT… there’s a CATCH:

I’ve been teaching Quranic Arabic for a LONG time. I know what works and what doesn’t work. I know the difference between students who will be successful and the students that will start with excitement but fall flat on their face, without coming close to achieving their goal of understanding the Quran.

I’ve put together what I believe to be the single most effective way for you to fully absorb, understand, memorize, and internalise Quranic vocabulary and grammar so that you really start to LOVE reading the Quran. Here is that course:

Understand Quran – 50% of words

Sitting down and learning 10 words a day
from a vocabulary list is probably the
WORST way for you to study Quranic Arabic.
It is boring, hard, and the chances are after
a few weeks you’ll forget the words.

That’s why I created this – to make the
Quran EASY…

Understand Quran – 50% of words

This course will get you to the 50% mark
in the shortest space of time humanly
possible, with the exact words you need to
understand all of your Salah, and give you a
solid, strong foundation to understanding
100% of the Quran.

Understand Quran – 50% of words

You may have noticed that right now you’ll
need to pay a small amount to access the
Short Course. These prices are NOT going
to be this low forever.

In fact, we’ll be increasing the price
consistently from now onwards to reward the
fast action-takers – the people who want to
race together towards Jannah.

If you LOVE the Quran, and share our
mission to help everyone in the world understand
it, please forward this email on to all of your

Did someone forward this email to you?
If so, go here to get access to a ton of free
resources, and our unconditional support to
help you learn the Quran:

Understand Quran – 50% of words

Warmest Salams,

Dr Abdulazeez Abdulrahman

P.S. The Short Course really is the fastest
way for you to understand your Salah while
picking up 50% of all the Arabic in the Quran:

Understand Quran – 50% of words

P.P.S. You can complete the Short Course
easily before Ramadan starts in just a few
minutes a day…

Understand Quran – 50% of words

P.P.P.S. The price will go up the longer you
procrastinate! So, what are you waiting for?!
Here’s the link again:

Understand Quran – 50% of words

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