Art in the Quran Classroom


Eden Academy is the first Islamic school in Mumbai to adopt and implement the complete curriculum of Understand Quran Academy, including the Read Quran Curriculum as envisaged by Abdul Aziz Sahab.

???????????????????????????????Recently students in the secondary section participated in a Word-by-Word artwork competition— students were simply told to prepare artwork from the lessons of Short Course 1.

As you can see from these entries, the students have truly opened their imaginations  to the Quran!

To learn more about Eden Academy, check out this video on Youtube:

Presentation in Makkah

Our brother Abdulazeez Abdulraheem recently delivered a lecture in Makkah on the two courses “Read Quran” and “Understand Al-Qu’ran the Easy Way. ”


The lecture was delivered in Arabic at the invitation of the Saudi Society for Qur’anic Science and once again was very well-received!

You can watch the video here:

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