The Winner of iPad Mini is Tabreez Ahmed



Below you will find the contest submissions:


Assalamu alaykum dear brothers and sisters,

We hope you have had a blessed Eid!

We want to continue this celebration by welcoming you and all our students to our iPad Mini contest.

At Understand Quran Academy, we believe that Muslims who went through our courses totally improved the way they perform their five daily prayers, their understanding of the Quran and most importantly their relationship with Allah (swt).

We would like you to tell us your transformation story so that we can share it with millions of Muslims via our Facebook page – 2.8 million fans. Imagine some of them will start learning the Quran because of your story, inshaa Allah!

To enter the contest, you need to the following three steps:

1. Make a short video and tell us briefly:

  • Who are you and where are you from?
  • Why did you join the Understand Quran Academy?
  • How was your reading and understanding of the Quran before you joined?
  • How is your reading and understanding of the Quran now?
  • What other positive improvements did you experience after joining our academy?
  • What is your advice for those who haven not joined Understand Quran Academy yet?

2. Upload this video on YouTube and share it on your social profiles

(Facebook, Twitter, Ummland, Google+, etc).

3. Send the link to your YouTube video to:

We will share these videos on our social channels and on our website as well.


Deadline for video submissions is October 27, 2014.


The winner will be announced by the Understand Quran Academy on November 1, 2014.

The video which received the most views and the most likes combined will win the iPad mini, inshaa Allah.

So apart from the opportunity to inspire Muslims worldwide to start understanding the Quran, you can now win an iPad mini!

Looking forward to your stories.

The Understand Quran Academy Team.

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