In the name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

Brothers and Sisters: Assalam alaikum wrwb,

You know the storm of protests going throughout the Muslim world regarding the Anti-Islam movie about Prophet Muhammad SAW. Even YouTube has refused to remove the video and Muslims are upset about this.

This movie has polluted the internet with lies and accusations. May Allah guide YouTube owners to do the right thing. But for us, here is a very powerful positive action plan. Let us spray the internet with the perfume of truth and overcome the filth that is spread by others.

I invite each one of you to make at least one 3 min to 5 min clip on the life of the Prophet pbuh and post it on the YouTube.

Here is a way to show your love for the Prophet, to face Allah on the Day of Judgment and meet the Prophet pbuh on the Day of Judgment and tell him that O Prophet pbuh, I tried to do something to spread your message on the media.

Muslim schools, organizations, and Islamic centers can do a marvelous job here. They can do it at a collective level. Distribute 1000’s of sayings of the Prophet pbuh among children or among your members. Let each of them select 2 to 3 hadith or a life story of the Prophet on a given topic.

Give a project to each one or a group of 2 to 3 and let them come up with the best way to produce the clip. Let parents support their children in preparing the clip. If you cannot do it, pay your organization or center to do it on your behalf!

Let every adult and every child participate in this noble project. Let every Muslim stand up and upload something on the YouTube, daily motion, vimeo, etc and let us populate the media with the fragrance of the true message.

Let the world search Prophet Muhammad, neighbors on Youtube or other media and get 50 clips. Prophet Muhammad, kindness and 100 clips, Prophet Muhammad, parents, and get 100 clips…

If you know 2 languages, do it in both languages. On every topic let there be 100s of clip about Muhammad pubh on the internet in every world language. Prophet Muhammad – Kindness – French. Prophet Muhammad – Kindness – Tagalog, Prophet Muhammad – Kindness – Tamil and so on.

Show the world who the Prophet was and what was his message.

Don’t complain about your voice or your style. I say: If your mom and dad are accused of false crimes in a clip on YouTube, will you not stand up and say the truth. Will you wait for someone with a good voice to record it for you. Don’t you love your Prophet pbuh more than your parents? Then prove it. Let your heart speak out.

To encourage you, we plan to give 15 awards of 100$ each; and 30 awards of 50$ each.

How to enter the contest:

  1. Create your video about our beloved prophet and upload it on YouTube;
  2. Leave a comment on this post with your name, email and link to your video on YouTube;
  3. We will also promote your videos on our Facebook page, inshaAllah.

Three rewards for each category:

  1. Life history or Seerah of the Prophet pbuh;
  2. Sayings (hadith) of the Prophet pbuh;
  3. the Qur’an which was revealed to the Prophet S.

One reward for every age group:

  1. Primary school kids (parents/teachers need to help them; that is good for parents too)
  2. Secondary school boys (parents/teachers need to help them)
  3. High school students
  4. College students
  5. Adults

Therefore we have 3*5=15 groups with 3 awards for each group, a total of 45 awards.

45 awards = 15 awards of $100 each + 30 awards of $50 each

Deadline: 15th of November, 2012

Both brothers and sisters and boys and girls can participate in this competition. Just make sure that you follow Islamic standards and the material is authentic. You can submit as many clips as you like.

Upload your clip on YouTube and promote it among your family and friends and submit your url, name, email address, age, and category on the link shown here. On 15th Nov, we will check the likes and the counts and give the rewards. Whether you join the competition or not, join the campaign to fill up the social media with the message of the Prophet pbuh.

Don’t forget the objective: Present different aspects of Prophet’s life in the best way possible to the whole world, especially our non-Muslim brothers and sisters.

Read a book on the Seerah of Prophet pbuh, study the Qur’an, visit websites, talk to scholars, with graphics, PowerPoint slides, flowcharts or without them; see how you can remove the misconceptions about the Prophet, choose what you love about his sayings, choose a story from his life, etc. There are hundreds of ways to do it.

I appeal to you to spread this message to everyone you know and let us fill the media with the true message of the Prophet, pbuh. The more you spread this message the better the chance that we have more clips on the YouTube and the internet.

We complain of media such as TV channels, newspapers, and magazines on which we have no control. But when it comes to the YouTube and other media, nobody is stopping you to come forward except yourself. So, no more excuses!

The liars are spreading lies and insults against our most beloved Messenger S. Are you going to just sit and watch? Pray to Allah, stand up, and just do it.

If you don’t know how to record, check the link below.

Tutorial on how to record your PC screen

Download the software here

Abdulazeez Abdulraheem

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