The other day Understand Quran staffmember Qurram Qureshi took his car to a workshop for a checkup and came away uplifted, inspired, and encouraged that all his hard work with UQA was truly bearing fruit in the ummah.

The mechanic was from Pakistan and had recently attended one of our UQA courses at a local mosque. He was so eager to learn Quran that he’d framed the learning chart from the course and set it up in his shop to study whenever he had a spare moment. He had also used every bit of spare wall and sign space to jot down vocabulary notes to memorise.

When he got stumped in his lessons he would ask help from a Sudanese friend. One day this friend told him that the Quran was too difficult for him to learn, and that he might as well forget about it.

The mechanic’s response?

“Who are you to tell me I can’t? It is Allah (swt) who will teach me, and when Allah said ولقد يسرنا القران لذكر  , He will make it easy for me.”

May we all have such faith and fervour in learning Quran, and may we remember that the compassion of Allah (swt) knows no limit. Ameen.


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