Assalamu alaykum dear brothers and sisters in Islam,

Sacred month of Ramadan is approaching day by day. As Muslims we do our best to come even closer to Allah SWT in this month by fasting and purifying ourselves spiritually.

Reading, Understanding, Implementing Quran in our daily lives and Spreading the message of Quran is no doubt is one of the best deeds we can engage in this holy month.

We at Understand Quran Academy have been preparing for Ramadan in the last 6 months and today we have 3 Good News to share with all of you.

Introducing: Read Quran (with Tajweed for Adults as well as Kids)
Up until now, our academy only offered courses on understanding Quran. These courses required that you should already read Quran. Since most of us are non-Arabs and new reverts are joining our Ummah every single day, we do need a course that helps to read Quran.

Alhamdulillah, after many years of research and development, our team finally has finally launched Read Quran course. Instead of describing by 1000s of words, we suggest you watching our 4 minute short introduction and decide for yourself.

» Watch Short Video Introduction


Fair and Affordable Prices
When it comes to pricing, our prices used to be based on courses. It was a bit complicated and even more expensive. Recently, we have changed all that. From now on all you need to pay is 10 USD a month or 100 USD a year (with discount). You will have full access to all our existing and new courses, inshaAllah.

» See Our Pricing Page


7 Day Free Trial
If you haven’t joined our academy yet, now is the best time to do that. We are offering 7 Day Free Trial until Ramadan. No credit card info required. Just follow this link and register. After 7 days, it is up to you decide. No strings attached.

» Register for 7 Day Free Trial

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