Assalamualaikum dear brothers & sisters,

Understand Qur’an Academy has designed a compact course based on Ramadan theme. One of our best sellers and hugely popular book “Ramadan Tutor – From intention to action”.

COVID-19 presents a challenging time for all, especially parents to manage the kids. More so, when the Islamic weekend schools are shut, and it is difficult to find good courses or teachers for the kids.

This Ramadan special course can be your great help not only to keep kids busy and productive during this lockdown but also help them learning about our deen and Ramadan. This course is highly interactive and filled with lots of activities, Islamic stories, puzzles, games, worksheets, quizzes etc. The creative and interactive manner of teaching will make your kids have a productive Ramadan and rest assured they will enjoy and love this course and E-book, Inshallah.

To know the contents of the course, lesson plans and more details, please click here(need this link)

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We are also giving 20% off, only for the first 100 users. So hurry up!

Jazakumullahu khair

Understand Qur’an Academy.

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