Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers/Sisters,

It is a golden opportunity to use this lockdown presented by COVID-19 to prepare for the fast approaching Ramadan. In this regard, Understand Qur’an Academy has opened up all its online courses to be accessible for all, absolutely FREE. There is no need for registration or login. Just visit our website and start learning.

We are also providing E-books which are a versatile way of learning and easily accessible on your fingertips. So, this Ramadan, take it as a challenge to build a strong foundation to understand the Qur’an and daily Salah. We have a series of five foundation courses i.e course-1 to course-5 which give a basic explanation of Surah Baqarah and also teach you Basic Arabic Grammar. After completing these courses (each course duration is only 20 hours), you will also be able to understand 90% of words of Qur’an.

Please note that the online courses are free, but we are charging a small nominal cost for E -books for operational purposes. You can get the bundle of E-books of all the foundation courses with a 20% off at only USD 4. Use the code QURANTIME to get the offer.

To get the E-book bundle in English, click HERE.

To get the E-book bundle in Urdu, click HERE.

JazakAllahu khair

UQA Team

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