Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Most of us think of memorization as an extra added deed, but the following hadith clarifies how hollow our souls could be when we have nothing of the Quran in our hearts.

He who does not memorize any part from the Qur’an he is like the ruined house. [At-Tirmidhi Book 9, Hadith 10]

Importance of Memorizing Surah Al Khaf

Al-Kahf (Arabic: الكهف‎, “The Cave”) is the 18th chapter (sūrah) of the Quran with a total of 110 verses.

We all know it is a Sunnah to read Surah Al Kahf every Friday. We know the significant role this blessed Surah perform in protection from the greatest Fitnah ever i.e. the Fitnah of Dajjal.

‘Imran bin Hussain (May Allah be pleased with them) reported:

I heard the Messenger of Allah () saying, “Between time of the creation of Adam and the Resurrection Day, there is nothing greater than the mischief of Dajjal (the Antichrist).”[Muslim].

A man was reciting Surat Al-Kahf and his horse was tied with two ropes beside him. A cloud came down and spread over that man, and it kept on coming closer and closer to him till his horse started jumping (as if afraid of something). When it was morning, the man came to the Prophet, and told him of that experience. The Prophet () said, “That was As-Sakina (tranquility) which descended because of (the recitation of) the Qur’an.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 5011)

So, not only we must read it every Friday but also try to memorize it and ask other to memorize as well.

You may ask, why memorization in the 21st century when we have everything on Google. The Quran preserved by Allah and there are millions of copies and apps for it right at our fingertips.

Yes, we do but can machine memory practically supplant brain memory? And to take a verse to heart is to know it by heart and doing it for the sake of Allah takes it to another level.

Also, in general, Memorization provides us with knowledge of a qualitative and physiological varieties. You take the verse inside you and you know it at a deeper level than if you had simply read it off a screen. What you have in your heart is easier to access and apply to your life in spontaneous situations. You won’t have to open the copy of it or turn on your mobile for the same.

Quran holds so much wisdom in it that keeping it in your heart will make you a wise person as well. Furthermore, Allah has promised to protect His book i.e. the Quran by Himself, which means, He protects those hearts too where the Quran is reserved.

Having said that, there are innumerous benefits you receive when you memorize something in general. It is like a brain activity; you keep your brain engaging and focused as a result it sharpens your mind by time.

Proven Brain Benefits of Memorization

Memorizing anything in general has uncountable benefits which serves brain and heart. Few are listed below.

  1. It instructs your brain to remember
  2. It challenges your brain
  3. Improves neural plasticity
  4. It helps learning and remembering rhythmic patterns
  5. It is a mental gymnastics exercise
  6. It frees up brain power as a result you are more open to think
  7. Memory exercises help practice focus
  8. Memorization helps in learning new concepts
  9. It helps with creativity
  10. Memory exercise can repulse mental weakening

Do you think you have a weak memory power? What if I ask you to recall any of your social media user ID or passwords, would that be difficult for you? Of course, not. In fact, that would be the easiest stuff you might remember. It’s all about intentions and priorities.

Even the rough roads still lead home. You don’t turn back because the road is bad, you keep moving because you have rest in mind. Don’t give up when

Memorize At least 10 verses

If it’s really not possible for you to memorize the whole Surah at once. Start with at least the first and the last 10 verses of the Surah. Sounds good!

Even if we learn and memorize the last 10 verses of the Surah still it will be good, insha Allah.

 “If anyone learns by heart the first ten verses of the Surah al-Kahf, he will be protected from the Dajjal.” [Muslim]

Quick Tips to Memorize

Now that we have made up our minds to learn and memorize the Surah or at least the first and the last 10 verses, here we have share the best and easy tips to memorize, insha Allah.

  1. Set a goal timer

First and foremost, calculate the amount of time, days, weeks, or month you will need to memorize.

  1. Write is down

Writing has been proven to be one of the powerful techniques to help you achieve any goal so why not use it here? Write the down time and keep a checklist

  1. Visualize the verses
  • Open the Mushaf or any mobile application that you will use to memorize
  • Use only that Mushaf/App only for this purpose
  • Listen to your favorite Qari on an audio or video recording of the verse again and again, at least 10 times before you memorize
  • Repeat after the Qari, at least 5 times
  • Now pause the recording and try to read out by yourself at least 3 times
  • Repeat until you needed to memorize
  • Do the revision before memorizing the next verse
  • Get a buddy and make memorization a fun competition
  • Ask your buddy to listen to your memorized part before heading towards the next part

I hope this small collection with help you memorize this blessed Surah or any other Surahs easily, insha Allah.

Don’t give up on yourself, neither must you give up on your goal. Say to yourself, I will accomplish my goals, and you will!

Never allow anything divert your focus from your goal. Persevere! And don’t forget that our lives are like tea bags, never matter much until being through some hot water.

May Allah make His blessed words easy for us to memorize and act, aameen.

JazakAllahu Khairna

Mubeen bint Fayaz

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