Wooden Cubes with Arabic Alphabet (full forms & Short forms) 29 pieces with a box

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Wooden cubes with Arabic Alphabet printed in short and full form are handy for learning the letter shape and word formation. This is a must to have set in every home. The child while forming the word will learn various short forms and how to use them in words. Six faces of the cube have full form, short form, and articulation figure. Many activities can be conducted using this wonderful set.


More Details About the Product


The Wooden Cubes with Arabic letters can be used for the following:
1. Alphabet recognition
2. Word formation & Spelling
4. Games like find the missing letter


    29 pieces with a box.

    Size, Color & Weight

    Box size: 24 x 19.5 x 2.8 cm
    Wooden Cubes size: 3.5 x 3.5 x3.5 cm
    Letter size: 2.5 x1.2
    Cubes: 29
    Color: Light brown
    Weight: 715 Grams
    Material: MDF, Wood

    Age Recommendations

    • This product is recommended for ages 3 years and above
    • There are very small parts and caution need to be taken when given to small children.
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