Arabic multi-color puzzle-UQA


The wooden board presents a comfortable and enjoyable Arabic Letters Poem. Children or even adults have difficulty in pronunciation of the Arabic letters, especially for Non-Arabs. Their primary challenge is in articulation. UQA have solved this problem Alhamdulillah and presented with a simple and easy poem which covers all Arabic letters Makharij. The Tool helps in understanding and learning all the Makharij in a relaxed and fun manner. The poem uses the fingertips and fingers of both hands to learn the Makharij of the Arabic letters. The wooden board is similar to a jigsaw puzzle which has the print of letters. The parts of this puzzle have a knob that helps in placing the pieces in the right place. As the child keeps solving this puzzle, he/she will learn the letter categories namely, tip, lip, edge, side and throat letters. As the child plays the game, the motor skills get refined with the kinesthetic approach of the game. It will engage him to learn more and better. There are a lot of extended activities that you can do at home or school with these wooden puzzles.


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