Sand Tray for writing practice

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Children and adults love the touch of sand. The Sand Tray gives an elegant look which attracts the children. Its purpose is to help a child learn how to trace letters on his own while allowing for the same tactile and sensorial experience as the sandpaper letters. Tracing on sand helps the child develop confidence in forming letters and numbers in the freehand style. Repeated tracing the Letters enhance their fine sense of motor skills. From a nascent stage, children have a strong sense of touch, the smooth granules of Sand tracing further enhance the learning, combined with visual, muscular and auditory also reinforces the knowledge of Letter shape and name. Each set contains a wooden tray, and an Arabic-letters printed cover. The children will enjoy practicing the letters written on the tray.


More Details About the Product


The Wooden Sand Tray can be used for the following:
1. Alphabets recognition
2. Alphabets tracing
3. Number rubbing for artwork make.


Wooden tray and printed letters cover

Size, Color & Weight

Board: 30 x 20 x 3 cm
Cover size: 30 x 20 x 3cm
Weight: 330 Grams
Wooden Tray: WOOD
Material: MDF, Wood

Age Recommendations

  • This product is recommended for ages 3 years and above, under the supervision of an adult
  • There are very small parts and caution need to be taken when given to small children.
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