Special Short Course In English

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Brother Firdaws:

Maa shaa Allah excellent course taught by excellent teachers. I been privileged to be part of this learning process. Best way to learn the meaning of Quran. It has given me extra tools to teach my students young and old. Especially I liked the way to derive Dua from each verse which I have already started in my lessons.

Sister Maryam:

I found the most useful tool was learning the vocabulary from the verses and azkaar of salaah which I repeat so many times a day. I was intrigued how many words I was able to understand or at least workout in such a short time. The support and material available by the teacher were truly excellent!

Brother Waqar:

Alhamdulillah the course was so good, very well prepared, very well organized. Each part of the course including TPI, worksheet, grammar, beautiful explanation and word to word meanings of Salah and last surahs together were so beautifully taught by our teachers. NLP taught me so much, very first time I learnt Kahoot. Alhamdulillah the whole course was so informative, inspiring and useful.

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