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This book contains Arabic Alphabets, the Vowel Signs (Harakaat) and the Rules of Tajweed. The most important features of this book are: (i) It covers those words that occur 40,000 times (50%) in the Qur’an; (ii) Letters are taught in the order of articulation (مخارج) so that non-Arabs learn it thoroughly; All the letters are arranged on finger tips, arranged in groups, using a rhyme as well as actions that represent attributes; (iii) The lessons are taught in the order of simple to challenging; (iv) Logic behind the rules is given in simple terms so that students learn the rules with conviction; and (v) As a part of built-in Tajweed strategy in all the lessons, the lesson on Sukoon is split into 6 parts and that of Shaddah into 3 parts.
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