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Short Course in Tamil

The following are the lessons for the course in Tamil. Make sure you’ve installed the fonts to view the files.

Download all the lesson files.

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  1. mohammed hanif September 19, 2015

    with happy

  2. A.M.Nazer October 26, 2015

    assalamu alaikum , the information was very useful and clear to understand. easy yo follow jazakullah khair for the oppertunity extended to me .

  3. sabura November 12, 2015

    i want to learn quran in tamil.

  4. m.p.m.nusky November 15, 2015

    Masha allah

  5. M.Mohammed Sadiq Batcha December 7, 2015

    i want understand quran

  6. shajahan December 8, 2015

    I’m steady quran

  7. Mohammed nibin December 11, 2015

    I want to learn quran

  8. Fathima shakira April 19, 2016

    Insha allah this course will be very useful to us

    • UQA_S March 30, 2017

      Yes, Alhamdulillah you can check your inbox for more information.

  9. M. N. Sheik Uduman March 29, 2017

    Assalaamu Alaikkum Bros,

    I would like to read quran, but I dont know arabic words. Hence i am willing to read quran in Tamil. In Shaa Allah I will take initiative to read quran in proper arabic.

    At present I want memorize some small surah for reciting in prayer, Kindly help me on this.

    M. N. Sheik Uduman

    • UQA_S March 30, 2017

      Maa Sha Allah, check your inbox for more information.

  10. Fathima April 12, 2017

    Im an aalimmah in a madrsa … i want study more thafseer…. to teach my students.

    • UQA_S April 12, 2017

      We teach Tajweed and we focus on Arabic grammar and meaning of the Quran.

  11. Hamza.m May 24, 2017

    I want to understand quran

    • UQA_S May 25, 2017

      Ma Sha Allah, you can join our Understand Quran course

  12. hafeel a raheem November 1, 2017

    plz allowed me to search tamil course

  13. A .R. A. HAFEEL November 13, 2017

    assalamu alaikkum ww
    im Hafeel from srilanka i hv participated in uq course at malaysia 2010
    now im doing this course several places in srilanka
    i hv to learn more some subject from this course so please give me a chance to log ur course blog

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