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Alhamdulillah, our courses are taught in almost 2000 schools where tens of thousands of children are learning them with ease and enjoyment. We are sure your children can also learn to read and understand the Qur’an easily. If kids can learn, you surely can!!!


Here the teacher is teaching the Arabic letters rhyme to a 5 year old student for the first time. Our scientific and creative way to teach Tajweed reduces the learning time as is evident in the end of the video.
1-1 Live


1 to 1 Live Quran Sessions to Read and Understand Quran with Qualified Teachers at a Reasonable Price For Adults and Children Start Here

  • Modern Memory Techniques
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Regular assessments and feedback
  • Completion Certificate
  • Trainers available in English, French, Urdu, Bengali etc.
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How do I cancel my agreement?

If you want to cancel your subscription, just contact us by clicking here.

Can I upgrade at a later date?

Sure. You can upgrade or downgrade to any other plan any time you want.

Am I going to be tied into a contract?

No. You can cancel your subscription any time you want. No binding whatsoever.

How do I sign up?

You simply click on the button from any column above. After you pay, we will find a teacher on a time that suits you the best, inshaAllah.

What is a One to One session?

Real time virtual classroom with a single teacher and a single student.

What is a One to Many session?

Real time virtual classroom with a single teacher and many students.
(Children: 2 to 4 for Read Quran Course, Adults: 2 to 6, and up to 10 for the rest of Understand Quran courses)

Can we choose timings at our own convenience?

Yes, you can choose at your own convenience. We do our best to find the teachers who is available at that time.

How long will it take to complete the course?

Depending on the intensity of the studies (how many classes you take), it will take for adults 4/6 months. For children, it depends on their competency level and the support given by parents.

If you are following 3 classes per week, i.e. 12 classes per month, then you can complete within 4/6 months.

What is the duration of each class?

• 1 to 1 Classes:   30 minutes
• Group Classes: 60 minutes

Can we interact with other online students?

Yes, you can interact with other students like in real time classrooms.

Can we meet our teacher outside the classroom when needed?

Yes, definitely. Your teacher’s Skype ID and contact number will be given at their discretion.

I have never taken an online course before; will I be able to cope with this?

Yes, our courses are very detailed plan which can be followed even by a 4 year old child to an elderly person. We are trying to provide services for all ages and qualifications.

Do we have any course materials?

Our students will be given access to to watch all our video lessons. Plus, they will have an option to watch the recordings of all their lessons; and a student workbook, textbook and worksheets developed for the lessons will be sent by your teacher. Besides, children will have access to our online game and some links will be sent to watch the videos which are related to our lessons.

How the classes are conducted?

We use WizIQ platform or Skype for Live 1 to 1 Sessions.

What curriculum you will be teaching on Live Classes?

We have developed a revolutionary curriculum to get learners of all ages on the fast track towards reading Quran with the following courses:

1. Read Quran – The Easy Way with built-in Tajweed – a 20-hour course divided over 50 lessons.

2. Understanding Quran and Salah – The Easy Way
Short Course 1 – targeting 50% of Quranic Arabic vocabulary – a 9-hour course in 19 sessions.
Short Course 2 – targeting 70% vocabulary – an additional 9-hour course spread over 20 sessions.
The duration may vary depending on the competency level of each student.

Do you teach to understand Quran & Arabic as well?

Our courses are mainly focused on Quranic Arabic as well as grammar to help understanding of what we read in Quran and salah.

Is there a service on live sessions to help with remembering Quran?

For the present, we haven’t launched hifz courses, but the modern methodology used, along with the UQA language learning technique called TPI -Total Physical Interaction – will help in understanding and remembering more and better, insha’Allah.

Any computer skills required?

You need the basic knowledge of computer, and we will send you a link to go through the training session with WizIQ. For children those who are under the age of 10 will have to be assisted by their parents and the basic skills will be taught to the kids in the intro session. Even children of 4 to 5 years can participate in our classroom if they can get hold of the mouse control.

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