5 Habits to Overcome Loneliness!

Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters, Loneliness is gradually becoming a chronic social problem and it might lead to more serious state if one does not take effective measures on time. “According to a study from the British Red Cross, over nine million adults...

Three Life-Changing Supplications!

Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters, If you ask someone name me a habit that will enhance your mental performance, increase your physical strength, and bring you inner peace, what would they say? There’s a habit many underestimates and therefore miss out...

FREE Beautiful Word Clouds in Arabic!

Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters, Understand Qur’an Academy has always tried to make the learning of Qur’an easy and simple. You might have seen word clouds in English but not in Arabic. For the first time, we have now developed beautiful Arabic word clouds...

Surah Al-Falaq: 8 Tips to Your Daily Productivity Guide!

Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters, In today’s Jumuah Special you’ll learn how to be productive through Surah Al-Falaq! Uqbah ibn Amr Al-Juhani reported: The Prophet, salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said, “Allah has revealed verses the like of which you have...

What Qualifies You for Jannah?!

Assalamualaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters, The bounties that we receive are means by which Allah (swt) refines us and prepares us to enter Jannah. When we’re blessed with many bounties it’s common to think we’re better than others. We tend to feel superior if we’re...


Assalamualikum Dear Brothers & Sisters, Please read part 1 HERE. Let us continue with part 2! 8 deed tips for the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah (and beyond) 1.First things first. Before talking about any voluntary actions (and bonuses), remind yourself to take...
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