Allah calls Himself Al-Muqeet— The All-Sustainer, The All-Nourisher, The All-Preserver— on one occasion in the Quran. He is the powerful maintainer who sustains, nourishes, protects, and oversees all that exists. Al-Muqeet is taking care of all living beings by sending down all kinds of physical and spiritual nourishment for them!

The Ultimate Maintainer, Nourishing and Overseeing Creation

Muqeet come from the root qaaf-waw-taa, which carries four main meanings. The first meaning is to supply, maintain, and sustain. The second main meaning of this root is to feed and nourish. The third is to keep, preserve, and guard, and the fourth is to witness, observe, and watch over.

This root appears twice in the Quran in two derived forms. Examples of these forms are aqwātahā (its sustenance) and muqeetan (a keeper).

Linguistically, muqeet refers to the attribute of sustaining. Al-Muqeet sustains bodies and the souls and He has taken it upon Himself to sustain His creation. As He creates all things, Al-Muqeet also creates what sustains them; He makes accessible what is necessary and what is luxury. He gives us what we need to survive, until He wills to put an end to life— then He simply withholds what keeps us alive. Al-Muqeet alone is capable and knowledgeable of everything.

Al-Muqeet Himself says: . . . And ever is Allah , over all things, a Keeper [Quran, 4:85].

Sustaining Body and Soul

Al-Muqeet protects and sustains living beings; in this sense this name is strongly related to Al-Hafeedh, The Preserver. He does not only sustain our bodies with provisions like food and drink, but Al-Muqeet also for example sustains the heart through knowledge. Sustaining us is even more specific than the attribute of providing for us, Ar-Razzaaq.

Al-Muqeet and Al-Mugheeth

Some reports give the name al-Mugheeth instead of al-Muqeet. Al-Mugheeth is interpreted as meaning the Helper, for He helps His slaves at times of difficulty when they call upon Him; He answers them and saves them. It also has the meaning of the One Who responds and the One Who is called upon. Ighaathah [help] refers to actions and istijaabah [responding] refers to words, but they may be used interchangeably. Ibn al-Qayyim said: He is the Helper of all His creatures, and He responds to those who are desperate [Sharh Asmaa’ Allaah ta’aala al-Husna by Dr. Hissah al-Sagheer]

How Can We Live By This name?

1. Make abundant dua to Al-Muqeet.
Al-Muqeet hears the silent dua and responds to it and knows your affliction and is the only One Who removes it. Call upon Al-Muqeet, using this beautiful name, to ask to sustain your body with provisions and your heart with the knowledge of Islam.

2. Recognize Al-Muqeet in every sustenance.
Let this name inspire you to equip yourself with this good manner: every time food is brought to you, recognize Al-Muqeet and His amazing grace through which you are provided with food. This goes for all the daily life provisions you never really think about, even the knowledge you are able to gain to strengthen your mind and heart. If you train yourself to such recognition you will be able to live by this name.

3. Sustain others with the help of Al-Muqeet.
If you are grateful to Al-Muqeet for His sustenance, protection and nourishment He will make you treasure-house for His servants, enabling you to sustain others, teach them knowledge, and lead them to the ever-Living, the Sustainer.

4. Seek your wishes from Al-Muqeet only.
Only seek the fulfilment of all your wishes and desires from Him, for only Al-Muqeet holds the keys to the treasures of His sustenance. Al-Muqeet said in a hadith qudsi to Musa ‘alayhi sallam: O Musa! Ask Me with regard to everything, including your shoe strings and the salt for your pot.

5. Rely on Al-Muqeet.
He can sustain and look after the whole creation without ever getting tired, so be sure Al-Muqeet looks after you in the best possible way. Rely on Him to provide for you, nourish you and protect you by never seeking haram means of sustenance or doubting in His power to maintain you.

6. Nourish your soul by faith in Al-Muqeet.
Nourish your heart by having faith in His Oneness and nourish your soul by the five pillars of Islam; shahadah, prayer, zakat, fasting and Hajj.

7. Use your sustenance in the right way.
Whatever Al-Muqeet blessed you with, protected you with and gave you access to, show Him that you use it to please Him and not to anger Him. Pay your zakah over your belongings, give abundant sadaqah with your time and skills and don’t misuse your sustenance by using it for inpermissable things or by being ungrateful or unsatisfied.

O Allah, Al-Muqeet, we know that You are the only One able to maintain all there ever was, is and will be. Sustain our bodies and souls , make us recognize Your sustenance and guide us to be of those who use their sustenance to gain Your Pleasure and become a way of sustenance for others, teaching others and leading them to You. Bless us with reliance on You and make us seek You only for everything we want or need, ameen!

And Allah knows best.


The Understand Quran Academy Team

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