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As you may remember in our previous blog post, we have asked our readers to write Quran related articles and personal stories. Alhamdulillah, we have received a lot of feedback from you all. And here we would like to share with you a personal story from our sister Faiza Asad.

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You Don’t Have to See the Whole Staircase by Faiza Asad

I felt a thrill of excitement when I received the email inviting us to write and share interesting information or stories related to the most beautiful book on earth— the Quran. Thank-you for this opportunity to promote the understanding of the Quran!

I would like to share my own story. I have never been a practicing Muslim; I spent my thirty years of life wasting time in activities like music and watching movies, far from my real purpose of life.

One incident changed my life and brought me closer to the Quran. About four years ago I was in the process of studying for my teaching career when I became very sick. I couldn’t eat properly for two weeks and my fever wouldn’t subside. Alhamdulillah, I recovered physically, but I found a great restlessness in my soul and heart. I had no idea what was going on with me because there was no one to guide me.

My aunt gave me a book of the prophet’s duas for peace. I kept it with me. One day I felt that same helpless feeling of restlessness; I started reading those duas and instantly found peace.

My next goal was to read and understand the glorious Quran. I found some Quran classes, a quick review of the whole Quran that lasted for three months. Those three months were the best time of my life. They changed my whole outlook on life and convinced me that this world is nothing but deception.

My life was never the same again. I started praying five times a day and wearing hijab. But I was still apprehensive; still a slave to my nafs, I thought of my career and other worldly desires. This was due to my weak iman and the lack of support I received (you won’t find too many people supporting or encouraging you to be attached to the Quran). I wanted to embrace the Quran and make it my only purpose in life, to leave my job and other worldly desires, but was I strong enough? No! I wasn’t! After lot of thinking and advice from other people, I chose to continue with my job.

During my three years of working I once considered taking off my hijab, but my Lord was with me. I was, and still am, such a sinner, but Allah never leaves our sides.

As time passed I began to see the harsh face of reality at work— the dual personalities, the backbiting, etc. I would be so drained by the end of the day that I had no time for my home, my kids, the Quran, or religious duties. I realized that in order to fulfill the responsibilities God had assigned to me I had to leave my job.

After I resigned things were not easy; Allah tested me. For a long time I didn’t know where to start, but then I started praying to Allah to give me hidaya, to keep me on a straight path, and to make me do things that were pleasing to Him. This required constant effort and hard work. Many prayers for the right path and constant connection with the Quran are what helped me sail through. The Quran brought a soothing comfort to my heart every time I read it.

I want those who are struggling to find the straight path of Allah to know that the journey is tough but truly worth it. Yes, you have to give up a lot of things to attain Allah’s pleasure, but you never know how much time you’ve been allotted on this earth. Jannah is a special place, and you have to work hard to enter it, as if trying to gain admission to a top-notch university.

How do you work to enter Jannah?

  • Don’t put your main purpose in life behind you, thinking you have a lot of time and can do it later.
  • Spend every moment in obedience to our Creator.
  • Keep going and never look back.
  • Take small steps toward the only ultimate success. You don’t have to see the whole staircase— just take the first step and keep on praying.
  • Set your goals and priorities.
  • Be positive and hopeful of Allah. (Prophet Muhammad pbuh said, Whoever’s main concern is the concern of the hereafter, Allah will take care of his worldly affairs and all that is worrying him.)
  • If you fail a hundred times, try again a hundred times to get up. (If you give up, you can’t get up!)
  • Stand up for what you believe in, even if you’re standing alone.
  • Don’t ever forget that Allah is beside you.

I pray for all Muslims who are struggling in the path of Allah that you’ll never give up— keep going slowly and steadily and Insha’Allah you’ll reach your destination.

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