By Asma Naeem

From Bold Girl to God-fearing Woman

I’m going to tell you about a few miracles that transformed me from a bold, modern girl to a modest, God-fearing lady who now offers, masha Allah, all five prayers a day and sometimes the Tahajjud Prayer as well.

A Budding Curiousity

By profession I was a mathematics teacher in my native Pakistan, and in my leisure time I kept far away from religious activities, losing myself in the excitements of the life.

It so happened that on one occasion I was required to teach Islamiat. I had to speak on the topic “Life of the Holy Prophet (saw).” Once I’d done this, many questions began entering my mind.

For one thing, what was it that enabled the Prophet (saw) and his followers to bear so much hardship and pain? What was the thing that motivated them to fight difficult battles against armies, much stronger and numerous than theirs?

I also began to wonder why most of the teachers on my campus didn’t cover themselves properly even though they could obviously afford the latest fashions.

My mother and my elder brother offered all five prayers each day. What was it that woke them up so early for Fajr Prayer when everyone else was sleeping?

I had also seen many people eating stale or scanty food and sleeping on thin sheets but still thanking Allah. What could possibly make them so content in these straitened circumstances?

No Time to Search for Answers

I was a modern girl, but I was a Muslim too. These questions made me really want to know what Allah had said to us through His book. But my busy life prevented me from reading the Quran and its translation with understanding.

I wished from the core of my heart, Oh Allah! Will I ever get enough leisure time to study and understand Your Message?

First Miracle

After I made this wish, within a few months all the hindrances that stood in the way of my marriage were settled automatically, and I got married. Soon after that left my job.

My husband is quite possessive and reserved in nature and did not like me to engage in social activity. In addition, everyone in his family was independent so there was little mingling among family members. There I was with no job, no social activity, and no in-laws interfering in my life. Then I got a maid to help me with the household chores.

This is how my wish (to get ample leisure time to understand Quran) miraculously came true! I had now more than enough spare time. Unfortunately I forgot my longing to study the Quran, and instead of availing my self of all that spare time, I started looking for other ways to keep myself busy. At the time I couldn’t even see Allah’s great blessing on me.

Three years passed, but I couldn’t conceive. Now the only thing I had in abundance was time, and even then I couldn’t see how Allah was blessing me and giving me my wish.

The Second Miracle

After the third year passed I started having a repeated dream of facing an examination I hadn’t prepared for. Sometimes it was my Inters Urdu paper, at other times my Matric’s Mathematics’ paper, and sometimes other exams. I had those dreams so often that I started feeling uncomfortable.

I recalled those hectic days of my life when I used to teach, and then I remembered my wish to read and understand the Quran. It all fell together—after that it was easy to interpret the message of my dreams.

Those dreams were reminding me of my own wish and telling me that I wasn’t preparing for the real examination that is Aakhirah. Immediately I prostrated to my Rabb and from that very day I started to ponder Quran along with its translation.

Two more Miracles

After I started reading the Quran many more miracles happened to me, but I’m going to mention just two of them here:

1.  Whenever I had any trouble, I found its solution in the very pages I read on that particular day.

2. It happened many times that when I had to look for a verse on previous pages to link with the current one, the right page would open on the first try.

A Clear and Visible Miracle

After I’d completed my first reading of the Quran I started to listen to different Ulamas and Scholars to know their views regarding Quran. For that purpose once I was surfing YouTube and found there a video called “Miracles of Allah”. After I watched it I wished, Oh Allah! Please show me at least one miracle like this!  I wasn’t even sure that this wish would come true.

The same day I was preparing for lunch and cut the tomato with Bismillah, hoping for a miracle. When I cut the tomato I was amazed; I could clearly see ALLAH written in Arabic, with TASHDEED written under it. It was beyond my imagination, and I was completely transfixed for a few moments. In the very moment I said, from the core of my heart,

Oh Allah! Yes! You are Pure.

Yes! All praise is for You.

 Yes! You are the Great.

A Lasting Contentment

Now six years of my marriage have passed, and still I have no children. But I’m completely satisfied with my life because I have confidence that my Rabb and His beautiful, miraculous book is with me. It’s true that Allah gives His Guidance to those who ask for it.

Some of my friends and relatives ask me why I look so contented and relaxed when I’m not having children. Why do I not feel insecure?

My reply is this: Read the Quran with understanding, and you’ll come to know the reason.


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