by Zahra Hassan

We’ve all heard this famous quote, which stresses the importance of a unity that’s sadly lacking today. All crimes and corruptions have emerged because of disunity, and unity is the key to a co-operative world; we Muslims especially should hold together and act as one.

Allah (swt) says: And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. [Quran, 3:103]

As Muslims we have a unique purpose of life. We should unite and work together in order to be successful in this life and in the hereafter, but sadly we are the ones who are most divided into fragments today. In earlier days Rasoolullah and His companions worked together and enlightened the path of Islam which we are enjoying to date. This shows that unity is a victory that brings benefits to all. That’s why Allah says: . . . and do not become divided.

Why Disunity?

Before knowing how to get united, it’s important to figure out the reasons of why we become separated in the first place. So let’s look at them first.

1. A Misunderstanding of Islam

The very first cause of disunity among us is the misunderstanding of Islam. We all know what its fundamentals and principles are, but we haven’t really understood them. Each and every one of us has formed theories for our own convenience without understanding that Islam provides the same unchanged teachings for all.

2. Lack of Mutual Understanding

A lack of understanding among Muslims is also a main source of disunity. What one says, another tries to contradict and when one begins, another tries to put an stop to it.

3. Irresponsibility

Knowingly or unknowingly, each of us are responsible for our deen, but many of us think that only ulamas and those relevant to this field are responsible. We only know about a scope of people, but if we just have a glance beyond our scope, we will realize how many Muslims really feel the responsibility they have towards our Islam.

4. Improper Leadership

If our fathers are careless about their family means, how will our situation be? Similarly if there is no proper leadership in Islam, then there will be no unity among us. In many places, we can notice improper leadership that has created many disputes.

5. Superiority

Rather than working together, most Muslims try to compete with one another. If one has started a charity organisation in an area, another one also starts with the same motive. After some time, there will be many organisations in an area with no proper system. Everyone wants to be a founder, but why not try to be a striver?

6. Self-centered motives

Before thinking about our Ummah, most of Muslims are worried about themselves— not with their basic needs, but with their unlimited wants. For example, let’s consider smart phones. Once a new version is released, people we Muslims are so eager to buy that one without even giving a second thought. Our thoughts are based on our own lives and most Muslims are unaware of what’s really happening in the Muslim world.

7. Antipathy towards our own community

Many Muslims have a strong feeling of dislike for our own community. Why can’t we stop condemning and try to find a way to solve our problems? Many of us are good at pointing out each other’s faults, but very few of us are ready to do something together for our ummah.

8. Infighting

The emergence of various sects is one of the main reasons for disunity among Muslims. Due to differing opinions and principles, it has led our communities into fragments wherein unity has become impossible. This in turn has created many mosques and institutions where very few people gather due to conflicted ideas.

9. Improper intention

If our intentions are pure, then certainly we can work together. But we expect rewards, awards, recognition, and appreciation from society, and when society ignores us, we quit our efforts. It means most of us not do things with the hope of seeking Allah’s pleasure, but rather with the hope of gaining worldly pleasures.

10. Lack of support

It’s very rare to see Muslims supporting one another. Often when someone wants to start something, no one is there to guide and support.

Three Ways to Restore Our Unity

1. Focus

If we direct our sole focus on unity, then certainly we can make a difference. Once we give our whole attention to unity, then every of our problems will be solved.

2. Energy

Once we have set our focus, we should get energized to build up a secure relationship within the ummah. We should strive to understand and support each other and throw our strength into beneficial projects.

3. Time

The past is gone, the future is ahead, but the present is on our feet. So let’s use our time properly and usefully. If we’re teenagers, then we have plenty of time to consider our society. Don’t wait for tomorrow, as it may never come. Adults can use their gifts to provide important services. It’s important to make good use of the time given us. Also, if we have planned something to do, then it is much better to implement it as soon as possible because we may miss the opportunity. The more we consider our time, the more we will be in focus to use our energy.


We should always keep in mind that we all are travelling in one ship. We are sailing in this world with the hope of reaching our eternal destination, but it would be very difficult if we didn’t work together, especially during difficult times like storms. Suppose if three-quarters of us aren’t considering our ship and only a quarter of us are worrying about it. Then how will the situation become? Eventually we all should end up drowning, but if we all work together surely we can reach our eternal destination peacefully. Therefore, let’s get united so that we can attain victory in both worlds by the Grace of Almighty.

© Zahra Hassan

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